Exodus No.6

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Hi Congregation!

Here is the next installment of my video devotionals in Exodus.  It looks at how God defeated Pharaoh’s court magicians as Aaron’s rod, turned into a snake, swallows up the snakes conjured up by their dark arts.  

 Death is more than just the cessation of life but that power that makes life hard and painful.  It is the thorns and thistles of the curse, the hardness of childbearing, the brokenness of relationships;, it is the tears and sighs released in the night watches; it is the fear of tomorrow; it is the darkness that grips our hearts as change is in the air.   Death is all around us, and it robs us of enjoying the simple pleasures of life.  When my kids were little they would leave their little hand prints on the glass door, driving us crazy because the smudges are unsightly messes.  Why can’t they just keep their hands to themselves?  Every day we had that added chore of cleaning the glass.  I wanted a clear view out through the glass into the back yard and those smudges ruined my view.  But now my children are grown, and I miss those smudges.  Death robbed me of a little of that joy that comes with having little kids because I was more focused on the inconveniences they gave.  I won’t get those missed times back, and I do miss them now.   

God is very good to us.  While there are many inconveniences in our lives today, and there are many things that we may want to complain about, it is good to count your blessings, too.  God never promised us a rose garden, but He does promise us a life of victory as He gives His peace and joy to us in the mundane and even in the hard things of life.  He gives us the eyes to see through the smudges to the joy that is ours in the gifts He gives.  Even our trials and difficulties have the promise attached that God is using even these for my good!  

Christ, in His resurrection from the dead, swallowed up death.  That doesn’t mean we won’t suffer it.  We do many times each day, and one day (unless the Lord returns), we will all be separated from this world and life by physical death.  But the sting is gone.  Again, those snakes the court magicians conjured up were venomous and dangerous serpents, and their sting meant death.  But Aaron’s rod-become-snake is the mighty champion who swallowed up all those vipers and took away the sting of death from them.  That was just a picture of what Christ does for us!  So, as you are growing impatient by the inconveniences of the present age, and as you are growing in your annoyances that are those constant smudges blocking your clear view through the doors, remember that Christ died and rose again to help us see eternity through the smudges.  Count your blessings and you’ll see they far outnumber the complaints.  

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—Pastor Michael


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