Exodus No.9

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Hi Congregation,

I hope you are all well and at least being blessed by the good weather.  The Lord is good.

Here is my devotion on the Third Plague:  Gnat’s Not All, Folks.



As I was thinking about the plagues that fell on Egypt, I was also thinking of how great our God is.  Among His attributes is His infinity.  Of course, the word infinity means that He is unlimited and endless as to His attributes.  He is boundless in His being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness and truth.  There is no space that contains Him.  He is not limited by time.  There is no limit to His endless beauty, greatness, majesty, and glory.  Psalm 147:5-6 says of God, “Great is our Lord and abundant in strength; His understanding is infinite. The LORD supports the afflicted; He brings down the wicked to the ground.”  I wonder if you caught what the psalmist was saying here?  Because God is infinite in His strength and understanding, He can support the afflicted in their great and deep needs.  I may not know how you feel or how great is your need, but because His understanding is infinite, your need isn’t deeper than what He can supply.  Also, as a comfort to us, when the wicked seem so high and untouchable in their wicked machinations, God is still able to bring them down off their high tower.  God can do this because His infinitude allows Him into drop deep into our sorrows and into our great concerns.  His knowledge of things is greater than what we can imagine.  He knows the end from the beginning.  He knows our tomorrows.  Because His knowledge is infinite, He not only knows the depths of that thing that troubles you so much today, but what effect it will have on you, and thus He is able to order it for good.  He can do that because His wisdom and power are without measure, too.  Nothing can stand in the way of His purpose for you. 

Yes, our God is infinite.  He is infinitely higher that the highest potentate, the greatest angel, the mightiest creature.  Because He is infinitely higher that all things, He is infinitely more honorable than they.  His authority over us is infinite, thus He is infinitely worthy of our worship and our obedience.  Because His beauty is an infinite beauty, He is worth pursuing with all our hearts.  Nothing else is infinite.  Therefore nothing else can satisfy our hearts.  Those idols we build up cannot satisfy us.  God knocks them down and we complain about it.  But He does this in order that He might fill you with His infinite grace and a knowledge of His infinite majesty.  Because He is infinite, only He can satisfy our restless hearts.  Meditate on God’s infinite character and you will not be disappointed. 

—Pastor Babcock


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