He Cares

Before his friend, teacher, and leader is taken away to heaven, Elisha implores Elijah to give him one last blessing before; Elisha asks Elijah to provide him with a double portion of his spirit.  Elijah graciously agrees, and blesses Elisha, and thus begins the beautiful story of Elisha’s ministry. Throughout the years that God gives him, Elisha removes danger and poison from water and food; he cures a man of leprosy; he raises a young boy back from the dead; he saves the entire nation of Israel from a foreign invasion.  Amid all these miracles - in 2 Kings 6 - Elisha makes the time to go specifically save an ax that a worker had dropped into the river. 

It was not a sacred ax; the ax was not being used for anything sacred like the building of tabernacle or temple; the ax was not lost by a prophet, a priest, or a king.  And yet, along with all of these other wondrous miracles, 2 Kings 6 makes special mention of Elisha breaking off a stick, throwing it into the water where the ax fell and miraculously making the ax float.  

I believe our natural disposition to be either confused or unimpressed with this miracle speaks to something dangerous in our hearts: God doesn’t really care what happens in my ordinary, boring, everyday life

And yet the wonderful grace of God is this: He does not share our low view of our lives. Indeed, to have a  low view of our own daily life is not having a low view of ourselves, but a low view of God! The truth is that ax-head mattered a great deal to the man who lost it;  as there were no Home Depot Ancient Israel, the ax head had great value as something hard to replace, and so God redeemed it. The ax-head mattered a great deal to the man; the ax-head was being used to make a house for himself and his family, so God redeemed it.  The ax-head mattered a great deal to the man; it was borrowed, and if the man was not able to recover it, he would fall deep into debt, so God redeemed it. The ax-head mattered a great deal to the man; if he had sunk deep into debt and was unable to reply, the law would have made him a bondservant - and so God redeemed the ax-head, and by extension, the man.  The truth of the matter is that God spent the highest possible price to purchase your life; He spent His own Son.  If that is the cost of your life, how could God not value everything that happens in it? If we are to look at our lives in the time of pandemic, and assume our struggles with our children, with our spouse, with our job, with our savings, and with our house don’t matter to God, then what we are really saying is that God doesn’t value His own Son, with whom He bought all those things.  Our God is the God that cures leprosy and raises the dead - amen! Our God is also the God that raises a fallen ax-head and cares intimately for the needs of His people. Whatever this pandemic has taken from you, or placed on you, God calls us to read the Scriptures and remember - our God is the God of floating ax-heads. He cares. Bring it to Him in prayer. 

—David Schexnayder, Administrator


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