Exodus No.1

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Hi Calvin Saints,

I hope you are all well and though yesterday was not optimum, I pray that you are bearing patiently with the times.  The Session is praying about, and will be discussing, when we will open the church up for services again.  As this virus goes around, and as the President and our Governor and healthcare officials are making statements about maintaining the policy of social distancing, it may be longer than sooner.  We will have to see how the Lord answers our prayers. 

These are hard times, indeed.  A new directory with updated phone numbers and email addresses will be coming to you by the end of this week so you can at least have phone numbers and such things to contact one another and keep each other in prayer.  Once you get that, I would encourage that each of you take a name and phone them up to let them know how you are praying for them.  This may become a great way of getting to know people who haven’t gotten the chance to know previously. 

Additionally, while you receive daily emails from the elders, I am also preparing a series of video devotionals that I plan to put into your email boxes daily.  These will not be very long -- 5-10 minutes.  If you don’t want to watch them, I won’t be offended (in fact, I won’t even know ☺).  However, I hope they will be a blessing to you.  As I state in the first video today, I plan to take us through the events that led up to Passover and the Exodus and then eventually how Jesus fulfilled it all by His death and resurrection. 

Click a link to view the video: 




—Pastor Michael


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